New Zealand Statistical Association
2004 Conference

Submitted Talks

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The following people have submitted abstracts for conference presentations. Speakers are listed in alphabetical order, using last names. Paper presentations are expected to be of 15 minutes duration, which will be followed by 5 minutes (per paper) for questions.

  • Bill Bolstad: Holt-Winters Forecasting with Trigonometric Seasonals
  • Jennifer Brown: A New Index of Spatial Clustering for 1 Dimension Data
  • Mike Camden: Revitalising the Curriculum for Statistics in NZ Schools
  • Mike Camden: Data Integration in the Linked Employer-Employee Data Project: Data Quality and its Effect on Longitudinal Studies
  • Jin Seo Cho: Testing for Identical and Independent Distributions
  • John Crequer: 2006 Census of Population and Dwellings: Statistical Theory & Methodology
  • Robert Davies: Crash Risk and Road Surface Characteristics
  • Laurie Fleming (and Lera Kazakova): Short-term School Roll Projection Model
  • Chris Francis: Data Weighting Problems in Fisheries Stock Assessments
  • Marcus Frean: Dependent Gaussian Processes for Regression
  • Vince Galvin: Official Statistics: An Enduring National Resource
  • Ganes S. Ganesalingam: Ranked Set Sampling vs Simple Random Sampling in the Estimation of the Mean and Ratio
  • Geoff Gibbs: Review of the Mathematics Curriculum in NZ Schools
  • John Haywood: A Test for Improved Time Series Forecasting at Higher Lead Times
  • Ray Hoare: Using CHAID for Classification Problems
  • Steven Johnston: A point process model for accelerating seismic energy release
  • Geoffrey Jones: Dating Chicks: Calibration and Discrimination in a Nonlinear Multivariate Hierarchical Growth Model
  • Murray Jorgensen: Estimating a Density of Microbial Densities
  • Ozer Karagedikli: Estimating the Output Gap: a Kalman Filter Approach
  • Estate Khmaladze: Goodness of Fit Testing for the Class of Exponential Distributions
  • Catherine Marshall: The Impact of NCEA and Graphics Calculators on the Teaching of Secondary School Statistics
  • Shirley Pledger: Temperature-dependent Sex and Viability Determination
  • John Randal: Estimating the Variability of Financial Returns
  • James Reilly: Multiple Imputation and Complex Survey Data
  • Caroline Roughneen: The Attraction of Engineering
  • Carl Scarrott: Spatial Multi-taper Spectral Analysis
  • Helen Stott: Confidentialised Unit Record Files (CURFS) for New Zealand
  • David Vere-Jones: Self-Similarity for Marked Point Process Models
  • Dong Wang: A New Approach for Detecting Multivariate Outliers