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Technical Reports By Year: 93

1     Representing and Matching Physical Objects
David Andreae
2     Visualisation of processes in ART neural networks
Martin Elliffe
3     SOTA -- A visualisation tool for ART neural networks
Guszti Bartfai, Martin Elliffe, Peter Wood
4     Recoverable Sequence Transmission Protocols
Ewan Tempero, Richard E. Ladner
5     Proof Normalization I: Gentzen's Hauptsatz
Amos Omondi
6     How to Reuse Code, Really: A Guide to Creating Reusable Code with C++
Peter Andreae, Robert Biddle, Ewan Tempero
7     The Design and Implementation of MetVUW Workbench Version 1.0
Aaron Roydhouse, Linton Miller, Eric K. Jones, James McGregor
8     Intelligent Retrieval of Historical Meteorological Data
Eric K. Jones, Aaron Roydhouse
9     The L* Parsing Algorithm
Eric K. Jones, Linton Miller
10     Acquiring tactics from examples
Michael Norrish
11     Process Representation for Diagnosis of Crop Diseases
Peter Andreae, Philip Plimmer
12     Understanding Code Reusability: Experience with C and C++
Peter Andreae, Robert Biddle, Ewan Tempero