The Design and Implementation of MetVUW Workbench Version 1.0


Authors: Aaron Roydhouse, Linton Miller, Eric K. Jones, James McGregor
Pages: 24
Source: GZipped PostScript (475kb); Adobe PDF (479kb)

Metvuw Workbench is a multimedia database for retrieval and display of historical meteorological data, including laser disc video imagery, digital satellite imagery, text, hydrological data, and numeric fields from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting. Existing components of Metvuw Workbench allow this information to be retrieved by date and time, by full text search, or by scanning the laser disc.

In developing Metvuw Workbench, interesting issues arose in five areas: interface design, memory organisation and data storage, management of the laser disc player, audio presentation of data, and use of publicly available software packages. This document reports on our experiences in the design and implementation of version 1.0 of Metvuw Workbench.

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