Mathematics publications for download

Here are some mathematics publications available for download, indexed by author.

Rod Downey
Fixed-Parameter Tractability and Completeness Results 1
Fixed-Parameter Tractability and Completeness Results 2
Enumerable Sets and Quasi-reducibility
Array Nonrecursive Degrees and Genericity
Parameterized Circuit Complexity and the W Hierarchy
Contiguity and Distributivity in the Enumerable Turing Degrees
    Contiguity and Distributivity in the Enumerable Turing Degrees - Corrigendum
The Parameterized Complexity of Relational Database Queries and an Improved Characterization of W[1]
Difference Sets and Computibility
There is no Fat Orbit
Parameterized Computational Feasibility
Index Sets and Parametric Reductions
On Initial Segments of Computable Linear Orders
On Computing Graph Minor Obstruction Sets
Undecidability Results for low complexity degree structures
Effective presentability of Boolean algebras of Cantor-Bendixson rank 1
The parameterized Complexity of Some Fundamental Problems of Linear Codes and Integer Lattices
On the Universal Splitting Property
The Proof-Theoretic Strength of the Dushnik-Miller Theorem for Countable Linear Orders
A Note on the Computability of Graph Minor Obstruction Sets for Monadic Second Order Ideals
Uniformly Hard Languages
Undecidability Results for low complexity time classes
A Delta 2 set that is barely Sigma 2
Parameterized Complexity: A Framework for Systematically Confronting Computational Intractability
A note on btt-degrees
Every set has a least jump enumeration
Computational Tractability: The View From Mars
Parameterized Complexity After (Almost) 10 Years: Review and Open Questions
Some Orbits for E*
Computability, Definability and Algebraic Structures
On Genericity and Ershov's Hierarchy
Questions in computable algebra and combinatorics
Maximal contiguous degrees
Computability-theoretic and proof-theoretic aspects of partial and linear orderings
Reverse mathematics, Archimedian classes and Hahn's theorem
Uniformity in Computable Structure Theory
Randomness, Computability and Density
Presentations of computably enumerable reals (PS) (PDF)
Invariance and Nonvariance in the Lattice of N01 Classes
Decomposition and infima in the computably enumerable degrees
Some Computability Theoretical Aspects of Reals and Randomness
A $\Delta^0_2$ Set with No Infinite Low Subset in Either It or Its Complement
Schnorr Randomness
Trivial Reals
The Complexity of the Random Reals
Parameterized Complexity for the Skeptic (PS) (PDF)
On Presentations of Algebraic Structures
Parameterized Complexity for the Skeptic
There are no maximal low D.C.E. degrees
Cutting Up Is Hard To Do: the Parameterized Complexity of k-Cut and Related Problems
Online problems, pathwidth, and persistence
Some Recent Progress in Algorithmic Randomness
On Self-Embeddings of Computable Linear Orderings PS PDF
Some New Directions and Questions in Parameterized Complexity
Bounded Persistance Pathwidth PS PDF
On Schnorr and computable randomness, martingales and machines PDF
Arithmetical Sacks Forcing PDF PS
Online Promise Problems with Online Width Metrics PDF
Relativizing Chaitin's Halting Probability PS
Reverse Mathematics of the Nielsen-Schreier Theorem PS
Degree Theoretic Definitions of the Low2 Recursively Enumerable Sets PS
Lattice Embeddings below a Nonlow2 Recursively Enumerable Degree PS
Calibrating Randomness PS
Ideals in Computable Rings (PS) (PDF)
Lowness for Computable Machines PS
Totally < ww - computably enumerable degrees and m-topped degrees PS
Prompt Simplicity, Array Computability and Cupping PS
Lowness and $\Pi_2^0$ Nullsets PS
On minimal wtt-degrees and computably enumerable Turing degrees PS
Undecidability of the structure of the Solovay degrees of c.e. reals PS
Parameterized Approximation Problems PDF
Subspaces of Computable Vector Spaces PDF
On The Orbits of Computable Enumerable Sets (PS) (PDF)
Five Lectures on Algorithic Randomness (PS) (PDF)
Bounded Fixed-Parameter Tractability and Reducibility PDF
The Sixth Lecture on Algorithmic Randomness (PS) (PDF)
Completing pseudojump operators (PS) (PDF)
The Sixth Lecture on Algorithmic Randomness (PDF)
Lowness for Computable Machines (PS)
Turing Degrees of Reals of Positive Effect Packing Dimension (PDF) The Upward Closure of a Perfect Thin Class (PDF) The Isomorphism Problem for Torsion-Free Abelian Groups is Analytic Complete (PDF) Slender Classes (PDF) Parameterized Algorithms (PDF) The Complexity of Orbits of Computably Enumerable Sets (PDF)
Rob Goldblatt
Rob's papers can be found at this page.
John Harper
Reducing Parabolic Partial Differential Equations to Canonical Form
The Coulomb potential of a line of charges
Plate Tectonics
Bubbles rising in a line: why is the first approximation so bad?
The axisymmetric Prandtl-Batchelor eddy behind a circular disc in a uniform stream
A bubble rising in viscous fluid: Lagrange's equations for motion at a high Reynolds number
Growing bubbles rising in line
Stagnant-cap bubbles with both diffusion and adsorption rate-determining
Fortran 95 for Fortran 77 users
Mark McGuinness
Modelling lead-acid batteries.
Arnold Tongues in Human Cardiorespiratory Systems. (quite large, nearly 3MB)
Terrain-induced slugging of liquid in two-phase gas pipelines.
Coal volatilisation using the Distributed Activation Energy Model.
Tall tapered feeder design principles for casting iron.
Rice gelatinisation for brewing beer.
Solar radiative heating of first-year sea ice, as HTML, or as postscript.
Hot Dip Coating of Iron Castings in Fluidised Beds.
Nonlinear Thermal Transport and Brine Convection in First Year Sea Ice, as HTML, or as postscript. The figures are here (postscript).
Mean action time for diffusive processes.
Modelling the wetting and cooking of a single cereal grain, or cooking crispy cereal: The journal abstract is here , or you could download the full postscript version.
Matt Visser
Matt Visser: Publications
Geoff Whittle
A Characterisation of the Matroids Representable over GF(3) and the Rationals
Matroids Representable over GF(3) and other Fields
On Inequivalent Representations of Matroids over Finite Fields*
Inequivalent Representations of Ternary Matroids
On Weak Maps of Ternary Matroids
Branch-width and Rota's Conjecture

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