Aspects to Visualising Reusable Components


Authors: Stuart Marshall, Kirk Jackson, Craig Anslow, Robert Biddle, Elvis Software Design Research Group ~
Source: GZipped PostScript (75kb); Adobe PDF (191kb)

We are interested in helping developers reuse software by providing visualisations of reusable code components. These visualisations will help determine if and how a given code component can be reused in the developer's new context. To provide these visualisations, we need both formatted information and tools. We need a format to describe the visualisations in. We need tools to create the visualisations. We need a format to describe information about the component and its runtime usage, and we need a tool to gather this information in the first place. In this paper, we discuss our two wish-lists for the required information formats. We set this against the background of software visualisation and code reuse research. Currently we are working with components from object oriented languages, specifically Java.

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