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About Statistical Consulting at Victoria University

The Research Office and the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science jointly offer statistical consulting services for clients within Victoria University and from private or governmental organisations. The goals of the Consulting Service are to enhance university research efforts by offering quality statistical advice to faculty and student projects, to provide interdisciplinary research and collaboration opportunities for students and faculty from all departments, and to develop collaborations with external organisations through consulting projects.

Services Offered

We offer a range of services, including:

  • Advice on study design
  • Data management
  • Choice and application of statistical methods
  • Data analysis and interpretation of results
  • Assistance with statistical software and programming

Although we are able to assist clients who are at an advanced stage of their project, we recommend use of the consultancy service at an early stage. Consulting a statistician at the design stage of a study can help to verify that the planned procedures and study size will be adequate to address its goals. The statistician may also suggest ways of maximising available resources through the use of efficient study designs and appropriate data management techniques.


Victoria University Researchers

Statistical consultancy services are available to Victoria University faculty, staff and students. Short-term consultations are offered free of charge. For substantial or longer-term services, compensation may be arranged through various sources, such as grant funding (where this is available), and/or shared publications. Students looking for assistance with their thesis or dissertation should first obtain the approval of their supervisor before requesting consultancy services.

Private or governmental organisations

A range of statistical consultancy services are available at competitive rates to clients from private or governmental organisations.

Initial consulting session

The initial meeting is a chance for the consultant to become familiar with the research project, after which an outline of the course of action and an estimate of the time and cost involved can be given. It is therefore important to provide as much information as possible about the research project prior to the initial meeting. Information that is important to provide includes:

  • A written summary of the project that includes a statement of the research question and a description of the project
  • A data file (an electronic version is preferable)
  • A description of the data
  • A copy of your research proposal (if available)


The primary consulting statistician, Dr Nokuthaba Sibanda, has over 6 years experience of working as an applied statistician, mainly in the area of biomedical statistics, including lifetime data analysis, epidemiology, categorical data analysis and monitoring of healthcare outcomes using statistical process control methods. She draws on the resources of 13 faculty in the Statistics and Operations Research group, which includes expertise in epidemiology, biostatistics, warranty analysis, reliability, mathematics and statistics education, time series, forecasting, semi-parametric methods, environmental systems modelling, categorical data analysis, stochastic processes, Bayesian methods and multivariate analysis.

Contact details

For more information about the Statistical Consulting Service at Victoria University or to make an appointment with the primary consulting statistician:

The Statistical Consulting Service office is located in Room 532 in the Cotton Building at the Kelburn Campus of Victoria University (Kelburn Campus map).

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