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CRUD Use Cases


How do you get a complete set of use cases?

Even for a small system, there can be a larger number of use cases than you might initially expect. A common mistake for people to make is to identify one use case they know they need, but miss related use cases. For example, there may be a use case to display all the details about a particular kind of record, but no use cases that actually create records. They will also completely miss a set of use cases that apply to a concept in the domain model.

Therefore: Apply CRUD analysis to each of the appropriate domain concepts.

Look at the use cases you have, and determine whether any of them correspond to a Create, Read, Update, or Delete (CRUD) of class in the domain model. If you find any in this category, check whether any of the other CRUD use cases are needed.

Now consider the rest of the classes in the domain model and check with they should also have CRUD use cases.

Rename these uses cases if the standard names don't make sense.