Mathematics Research Profiles & PhD topics

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Dr Christopher Atkin

  • Global Analysis

Dr Colin Bailey

  • mathematical logic
  • general algebra

Dr Peter Donelan

  • rigid-body kinematic geometry
  • geometry of robotics
  • singularity theory
  • Grobner bases

Prof Rod Downey

  • theory of computation
  • complexity theory
  • parametrised complexity
  • reverse mathematics
  • algorithmic randomness and complexity

Prof Rob Goldblatt

  • mathematical logic
  • topoi
  • coalgebras
  • intensional logics
  • algebraic logic
  • nonstandard analysis

Prof John Harper

  • bubbles and drops in fluids

A/Prof Mark McGuinness

  • modelling sea ice
  • cardiorespiratory system modelling
  • mathematical modelling of batteries
  • industrial mathematics
  • heat and mass transport

Prof Matt Visser

  • general relativity
  • quantum field theory
  • cosmology
  • black holes
  • sonoluminescence
  • Casimir effect

Prof Geoff Whittle

  • matroids
  • combinatorics
  • graph theory

Dr Yinhuo Zhang

  • noncommutative algebra

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