New Zealand Formal Program Development Colloquium (NZFPDC)

This page is a collecting point for information on formal approaches to program development in New Zealand. It arises from a discussion that took place at the first New Zealand Formal Program Development Colloquium held at the University of Waikato in November/December 1994. The announcement of that meeting said:
Throughout the world, work is going on under the headings of "formal methods","programming foundations", "formal software engineering". All these names are meant to suggest the use of soundly-based, broadly mathematical ideas for improving the current methods used to develop software. There is no reason why New Zealand should not be engaged in this sort of research, and this meeting will give some idea of the sorts of areas which people are working on in the expectation that other people will be encouraged to start work or continue current work in this area. We also want the fact that this work is going on to be made known to the New Zealand computer science community at large.


NZFPDC 00 was held at the University of Canterbury on the 28th and 29th of August 2000. Find out more by:

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