CafeNet - Unwiring New Zealand's Most Wired City

CafeNet - Unwiring New Zealand's Most Wired City

Carl Penwarden
Development Manager


CityLink has been instrumental in helping Wellington to become New Zealand's most wired city. They are arguably New Zealand's first Next Generation Network operator. Over the last nine years they have developed a unique (in New Zealand, and world rare) all Ethernet/IP broadband network. The objective for this network has been to provide an infrastructure that customers and service providers alike can use to deliver the widest possible range of services. CityLink's latest initiative, CafeNET, is using WiFi to untether broadband so that it can be used all over the Wellington CBD. This presentation explores the technical, commercial and mindset barriers facing NGN's and how CityLink has tackled these issues.

School of Engineering and Computer Science
School of Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research
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