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Technical Reports By Year: 98

1     Simulating Multiple Inheritance in Java
Ewan Tempero, Robert Biddle
2     Rapid Implementation of a Program Visualisation System
John Miller-Williams, Robert Biddle, Ewan Tempero
3     Tools to Aid Learning Reusability
Robert Biddle, John Miller-Williams, Ewan Tempero, Eduard Vaks
4     Analogy retrieval and processing with distributed vector representations
Tony A. Plate
5     Visualizing the function computed by a feedforward neural network
Tony A. Plate, Joel Bert, John Grace, Pierre Band
7     Scholarly Web Sites: A General Method for Structuring Online Research Notebooks
Paul Martin
8     Tool Support for Scholarly Web Sites
Paul Martin
9     Surprises in Teaching CS1 with Java
Peter Andreae, Robert Biddle, Gill Dobbie, Amy Gale, Linton Miller, Ewan Tempero
10     Reuse of Debuggers for Visualization of Reuse
Robert Biddle, Stuart Marshall, John Miller-Williams, Ewan Tempero