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Technical Reports By Year: 05

1     Using Genetic Programming for Multiclass Classification by Simultaneously Solving Component Binary Classification Problems
Will Smart, Mengjie Zhang
2     Multiple Output Gaussian Process Regression
Phillip Boyle, Marcus Frean
3     Universal Evaluation Method for Web Clustering Results
Daniel Crabtree, Xiaoying Gao, Peter Andreae
4     Meaning and structural rules in natural deduction
Neil Leslie
5     Using Gaussian Distribution to Construct Fitness Functions in Genetic Programming for Multiclass Object Classification
Mengjie Zhang, Will Smart
6     Meaning as consequence and the justification of inference rules
Neil Leslie
7     Citation-based Text Classification
Minh Duc Cao, Xiaoying Gao and Mengjie Zhang
8     VUWLGP -- An ANSI C++ Linear Genetic Programming Package
Christopher Fogelberg and Mengjie Zhang