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Technical Reports By Year: 04

1     Program Trace Visualisation
Craig Anslow, Stuart Marshall, Robert Biddle, James Noble, Kirk Jackson, Elvis Software Design Research Group ~
2     Multiclass Object Classification Using Genetic Programming
Mengjie Zhang, Will Smart
3     Pixel Statistics and Program Size in Genetic Programming for Object Detection
Mengjie Zhang, Urvesh Bhowan
4     Genetic Programming with Gradient Descent Search for Multiclass Object Classification
Mengjie Zhang, Will Smart
5     False Alarm Filters in Neural Networks for Multiclass Object Detection
Mengjie Zhang, Bunna Ny
6     A Two Phase Genetic Programming Approach to Object Detection
Mengjie Zhang, Peter Andreae, Urvesh Bhowan
7     Probability Based Genetic Programming for Multiclass Object Classification
Will Smart, Mengjie Zhang
9     Approximately Repetitive Structure Detection for Wrapper Induction
Xiaoying Gao, Peter Andreae, Richard Collins
10     Continuously Evolving Programs in Genetic Programming Using Gradient Descent
Will Smart, Mengjie Zhang
11     Evolving Weights in Genetic Programs Using Gradient Descent
Will Smart, Mengjie Zhang
12     New Fitness Functions in Genetic Programming for Object Detection
Malcolm Lett, Mengjie Zhang
13     Tracking Object Positions in Real-time Video using Genetic Programming
Will Smart, Mengjie Zhang
14     A Multiple-Output Program Tree Structure in Genetic Programming
Yun Zhang, Mengjie Zhang