COMP TR Archive: Guide for Authors - How to Submit a New Technical Report

This page tells Computer Science staff how to submit technical reports that they have written for inclusion in the Computer Science Technical Report Archive.

The system has been turned into a manual system temporarily.

To create a technical report, follow five steps. Note that you are editing the files directly. Please be careful. Seek advice from Pondy or Meng if you are not sure what you are doing.

1. Obtain a technical report number

Edit the file /vol/mcs/comp/Publications/index-byyear-08.html

Identify the first unused entry (commented out, and with nobody's name), and replace the ??author and ??title by your name and the report title, but don't uncomment the entry.

Save the file,

Remember the number of the entry.

2. Format your document

There is a preferred format for Computer Science technical reports. To prepare documents using this format, use the article style in LaTeX with the vuwtech,11pt options.  (Microsoft Word users, please see below.) At a minimum, you must prepare a title page using this format.  You may also prefer that the body of your technical report conform to this format, but this is not mandatory. Use the \nocoverpage command to suppress the cover page - put it before \begin{document}. The cover page was only appropriate for printed versions

The easiest way to use the vuwtech option is to copy over and edit the following LaTeX2e template: /vol/mcs/comp/Publications/TRCover.tex.

If you use the old version of LaTeX, then use this template: /vol/mcs/comp/Publications/TRCover-oldlatex.tex.

Microsoft Word Users

Users of Microsoft Word should copy and adapt /vol/mcs/comp/Publications/MS-Word-TR-Cover.doc.

3. Construct the report files

Create the postscript and/or pdf and/or whatever files of your technical report. You should probably gzip the postscript version, at least. Check that your browser can view them correctly.

The files should be called and CS-TR-06-n.pdf, (where n is the number of your report).

If you have something other than .ps.gz of pdf, then use the same base name, but the appropriate extension.

Copy them into the directory /vol/mcs/comp/Publications/archive/CS-TR-06/. You will need to be on a server to do this, and you might need to be on depot in particular.

4. Edit the abstract file

Edit the file /vol/mcs/comp/Publications/CS-TR-06-n.abs.html (where n is the number of your report).

You need to fix the ??title (two places), ??author, ??abstract, and ??keywords.

If your report files are anything other than the .ps.gz and .pdf, you will need to fix the links.

5. Make your report available

Edit the file /vol/mcs/comp/Publications/index-byyear-06.html to remove the comments <!-- ... --> around your entry.

Check that it all works.

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