Object Oriented Program Visualisation in Tarraingim


Authors: James Noble, Lindsay Groves, Robert Biddle
Source: GZipped PostScript (120kb); Adobe PDF (421kb)

Most program visualisation systems display either language level details of programs, or high level overviews of the program's algorithm. Producing high level views requires that the abstractions in the program to be visualised (the {\it target program}) are described to the visualisation system - either by modifying the target program, or by providing the visualisation system with information about the details of the abstractions in the target program. Object Orientation can be used to organise the design of both ahe ta{get program and the architecture of an abstract program visualisation system. Such a system can produce flexible displays of the target program at multiple levels of abstraction, without any extra detailed information about the implementation of abstractions in the target program.

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