The Match Tracking Problem of the ARTMAP Neural Network


Author: Guszti Bartfai
Source: GZipped PostScript (45kb); Adobe PDF (213kb)

In this paper, we report a problem with the ARTMAP neural network that can arise as a result of its match tracking process [Carpenter 91b]. In particular, we will show that the anomalous situation that is claimed in [Carpenter 91b] never to arise when (binary) input patterns have the same number of 1's can in fact occur. We have constructed a class of counter-examples, and have given necessary conditions for the network parameters, for which a given sequence of the example patterns will drive the network into the error condition. A concrete example is also given to illustrate the result of the analysis of the problem. Results of some further experiments have supported our claims, and also suggested there might be some other, more general conditions for the match tracking problem.

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