Numerical-node building block analysis of genetic programming with simplification


Authors:Phillip Wong, Mengjie Zhang
Source: GZipped PostScript (54kb); Adobe PDF (154kb)


This paper investigates the effects on building blocks of using simplification in a GP system to combat the problem of code bloat. The evolved genetic programs are simplified online duri ng the evolutionary process using algebraic simplification rules and hashing techniques. A si mplified form of building block (numerical-nodes) are tracked throughout several individual G P runs both when using and not using simplification. The results suggest that simplification disrupts existing potential building blocks during the evolution process. However, the result s also suggest that simplification is capable of creating new building blocks which are used to form a more accurate solution than the standard GP. The effectiveness of GP systems utilis ing simplification can be correlated to the creation of these new building blocks.

Keywords: Simplification, building blocks, genetic programming, numerical-nodes.

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