Lightweight Web-based Tools for Usage-Centered and Object-Oriented Design


Authors: Robert Biddle, James Noble, Ewan Tempero, Elvis Software Design Research Group ~
Source: GZipped PostScript (1115kb); Adobe PDF (1152kb)

Every kind of development needs appropriate support. Paper, pencil, and index cards are extremely fine for small examples, but will not scale up to multiple teams of distributed developers, while large-scale CASE tool suites are a rational choice for mission-critical development but require too much investment to be applicable to Agile projects. Lightweight, web-based tools can provide cheap and cheerful support for small to medium sized agile developments, being better at recording and sharing information than paper or generic software tools, but without the overheads and strictures of full-blown CASE systems. We present a range of lightweight, web-based tools for all phases of the software lifecycle, both that we have developed, and that are available over the Internet.

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