Visualising Reusable Software Over The Web


Authors: Stuart Marshall, Kirk Jackson, Michael McGavin, Matthew Duignan, Robert Biddle, Ewan Tempero
Source: GZipped PostScript (181kb); Adobe PDF (468kb)

This paper describes an architecture we have developed for web-based visualisation of remotely executing software. The motivation for this work is to allow users of web-based software repositories to explore existing code components and frameworks, to see what they do, and create {\em interactive visual documentation} of that code based on the developer's actions. This visual documentation can be used to determine what the code or framework does, how it does it, and whether it can be reused in the developer's current project. The architecture is designed to be language neutral, and supports customisable software visualisations, viewable through widely available plug-ins to standard web browsers, and does not require modification of the source code being visualised.

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